Drone Programming Camp 2017 (Level 2)

(Level 1 completion required)

Ages 9 years and up!

Level 2 camp focuses on advancing on programming skills from where Level 1 left off. Students learn programming languages, advanced concepts, working with SDK and creating their own software that will control drones. 

  • Review and refresh what they learnt in level 1.
  • Move on to learning to code in programming languages (such as Java, or Python or Node.JS) to program the virtual drones and then to deploy them in to real drones.
  • Learn advanced programming techniques and device integrations, APIs and so on related to drones.
  • Camp will involve special project and a hackathon.
  • Includes focused sessions on innovation and entrepreneurship.

We will be launching Level 2 class in Fall 2017. If you like to sign up to get notified when we release the Level 2 class, click the button below.