what will you make the drones do?

Drone Programming is our main theme for the Summer Camp 2017 and the rest of the year after-school classes! Our new innovative curriculum is STEM based, modular, and uses Project Based Methodology. Campers not just learn coding skills, but applied technology utilizing various drones.

STEM Based Curriculum
Project Based Learning Model
Ages 9 - 14
Coding + Drone Flying = Epic Fun!

Drone Programming Camp 2017 (Level 1)

(no prior programming experience needed)

Ages 9y - 14y

Learn the fundamentals of becoming a drone pilot, then go on to learning coding techniques to make your drone do tricks like picking up and dropping objects from one location to another, shooting cannon balls to specific targets and much more. Students will also learn advanced piloting maneuvers like turning and strafing along with how to use Scratch to connect to a real (Parrot Mambo or other mini drones) drone and take to sky.

Additional skills include(but are not limited to):

  • Learn to connect, fly, and learn to program drones using scratch, and other platforms to fly and jump hurdles, maneuver through obstacle courses, and so on.
  • Get to know the various types of drones and their real world applications.
  • Learn coding basics in perspective of drones, simulate them, then deploy their code to real drones and fly.
  • Campers will work in project teams where they will work toward accomplishing a mission.
  • Camp promotes critical thinking, reasoning and analytical skills and programming concepts and real world application using drones.

And there's more! You get to showcase and demonstrate your cool drone maneuvers on the tinkersol Showcase Day to parents (last day of class - talk to instructor for details).


Drone Programming - Level 1 - Camp Schedule

The camp runs 1 full week, Monday through Friday. Camp starts at 9 am, but we allow early FREE drop-ins starting at 8:30 am.

Currently, our camp is scheduled to be held in Sunnyvale. We are planning to add other locations as well.

We are open for registrations on the following weeks

July 10 to July 14

We are also accepting advance sign ups for camps starting in July 17 on ward that go until Aug 11. All Level 1 camps are 1 week each. Click on the Camp Schedule and Registration button below now to register for current opening or the upcoming camps.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions before registering to the class. Check out our Camp Events Calendar page for most up-to-date camp schedule and also you will be able to use links provided from there to register online for the camp. Also, check out a sample day at the camp to get a sense of a typical camp day activities.

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